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Age -23

Zodiac Sign - Aquarius

Occupation - College Student

Major - Communications/Public Relations

Status - Single

Ethnicity - A Lot Of Not Everything

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(March 12, 2014) When I first started Concrete Loop back in November of 2005, I didn’t know how far it would bring me. It started as a hobby with 5 dollars a couple days before my 21st birthday. During that time, I was struggling with self-esteem issues, depression and was having…


24 Years Ago, This Is The Man Who Helped Create Me. My First Time Meeting Him Today! I LOVE MY DAD! #FatherandSonMoments



Shout Out To The Homie @jcballin12 He Accomplished Something I Had Planned To Do This Summer … #Skydiving Ladies Follow Him!

The struggle that real though ? #Madden25

Before Tokyo there was Daniel … RIP 😢

I’m Going Going Back Ack To Childhood Childhood !!!