LaTroy W.

Age -23

Zodiac Sign - Aquarius

Occupation - College Student

Major - Communications/Public Relations

Status - Single

Ethnicity - A Lot Of Not Everything

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Last night, I got misty eyed listening to my song, Just For The Record. Not because it’s 7ish years old. (Which is CRAZY to me.) But because it was and is my Dad’s favorite. If this was a slideshow, you’d see all the times he would sing the tag line to me with a goofy grin on his face. How his…

Come Help LaTroy Celebrate As He Completes His Undergrad Requirements & Receiving His Bachelors Degree In Arts & Sciences. The ALL-WHITE Party Will Be Held At LaTroy’s House. There Will Be Food Provided On A First Come First Serve Basis! Music By DJ SHY & Photography By Leef Photography! Come Dressed In Your Best WHITE Attire & Have Fun As LaTroy Enters The Next Phase Of His Life. There Will Be Alcoholic Beverages, I Highly Suggest Leave Your Kids At Home PLEASE! BYOB!  Hope To See You All May 17th! If You Plan On Attending This Event, Please RSVP ASAP!




(March 12, 2014) When I first started Concrete Loop back in November of 2005, I didn’t know how far it would bring me. It started as a hobby with 5 dollars a couple days before my 21st birthday. During that time, I was struggling with self-esteem issues, depression and was having…


24 Years Ago, This Is The Man Who Helped Create Me. My First Time Meeting Him Today! I LOVE MY DAD! #FatherandSonMoments



Shout Out To The Homie @jcballin12 He Accomplished Something I Had Planned To Do This Summer … #Skydiving Ladies Follow Him!